The Big History Behind January 6th, Coda: The Redpill Deception and the Tipping Point

These three books help tell the story of what’s actually happened. But is it too late to stop?

Assange as Accomplice

Assange described the attack methods used in 2016 ten years prior.

“Some Redpilling Is Necessary”

So-called “red-pilling” has been seen in the United States as synonymous with allegiance to the Republican party. The truth, however, is more complicated.

Charlie Kirk, Kanye West, Candace Owens (April 30, 2018); Elon Musk, Kanye West (July 2020)
Tweets from Don Jr., Ivanka, Kanye, and Musk (2018–2020)
Lisa Clapier, known as QAnon figure “Snow White,” says “some red pilling is necessary” in an email to a co-conspirator. (November 26, 2018; author’s collection)
Meme spotted in the wild (March 4, 2021); The Handbook of 5GW, Daniel H. Abbott, Ed. (2010)

5th Generation Warfare

We previously discussed the concept of 4th Generation Warfare and how it was used to lay a 30 year groundwork for the events that led up to January 6th. More recently, we have seen discussion turn to so-called “fifth generation warfare,” which has been articulated by the writer Daniel H. Abbott in his 2010 book, “The Handbook of 5GW.”

This transaction is currently worth over $628 Million. (March 25, 2020)

State Capture

We like to think we live in a democracy. The daily machinations of party politics, while important, tend to make us think it is the primary field of play. Arguably, however, true power plays out within interlocking global networks of interest. As this series has shown, serious ideological conflicts may play out between networks over the course of decades. We are still litigating the New Deal, the gold standard, Vatican II, climate change, fossil fuels, and domestic surveillance.

How to Cope in a 5GW World

People ask me, “So what can we do? Isn’t there something we can offer people to give them hope?”

  1. Forget about political parties, left and right, and nation states; think instead about networks and power. The global oligarch network behind the “sovereign individual” agenda requires a kind of feudalism that subordinates people in proportion to their wealth. This network exists both inside and outside parties and in many nations. It no longer makes sense to think of concepts like “left and right” and “Russian interests” when we are literally talking about a globally networked set of factions. In fact, the “dirtbag left” is functionally aligned with CNP and Russian oligarchs and Falun Gong, and seem content to work together in common cause. Abandon counter-descriptive frames.
  2. Think like a historian. It’s easy to get lost in the moment. As disinformation researchers pore over digital ephemera and we react to the latest dispiriting news, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. By maintaining a 10,000 ft. overhead perspective and looking at power as a networked phenomenon that persists through time, it’s easier to see themes and motives that can lend context to seemingly disparate information. This will become increasingly important as networked warfare tactics attempt to scramble people’s ability to consume and make sense of information. Both imagination and a long-term perspective are essential.
  3. Check yourself. A common tactic in 5GW is to attempt to weaponize your cognitive bias in an effort to draw you into a reactive faction. Once a faction is sufficiently well defined (and has identified and labeled its enemies) it can be weaponized at scale with specific information payloads. If you find yourself being drawn into such a group and reacting emotionally, back off and center yourself.
  4. Seek primary sources. Turn off TV news channels. Where possible, read original documents and reports. Listen to Congressional hearings live.
The bad-faith pitch from Weinstein/Thiel designed to pull people into Sovereign Individual ideology.



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