Tensions are rising over Ukraine and Taiwan, while the US deals with deep domestic concerns.

Turning Down the Heat

Rising tensions in Ukraine along with a murky situation in Taiwan have provided the backdrop for a strange holiday week in the United States. It’s easy to feel whipsawed by alarm, and then 5 minutes later, news that would seem to deflect it. With everything going on, I’m going to…

Eric Adams, Aaron Rodgers, Francis Suarez shill crypto; Everett Stern blows the whistle on Flynn; Youngkin wins Virginia; Bannon and Viganò drive the divide int he Catholic Church.

Holy hell, what a week.

Steve Bannon has repeatedly mused that the 2020’s would be like the 1930’s, the tumultuous decade that led the world into war. And perhaps no person has done as much to bring that about as he has. From political messaging to monetary policy to China and the Catholic Church, his…

Zuck’s Meta BBQ; Jack’s spouting BTC nonsense; Mo Brooks’ bulletproof fashion; Kochs behind CRT; Biden + Pope hang out; Musk is, well, Musk.

We’re going to spare you the hot takes and, as always, dive right into the stories and trends that matter most!

No, Jack, it’s not happening.

What’s Happening Now

Crypto bros continuing to try to make ‘fetch’ happen. If you’re trying to get a trend going, a good way to do it is…

Deripaska raided; Trump launches Pravda; Charles Koch isn’t letting up; and two good people are gone too soon.

Hello again and welcome back to Situation Report. We’re back once again a week later with more updates, and will be going with a Friday publication schedule for now! Let’s dive right in.

Always count on Maté to support Putin’s agenda.

What’s Happening Now

Crypto is creeping along, undermining democracies. Longtime Russia shill…

Putin backs Crypto; MTG wants Civil War; Snowden backs Crypto; Bannon pushes Catholic Schism; Moon goes to Tennessee; SecDef Austin warns against default.

I didn’t plan for this newsletter to be weekly. But it might end up that way. As I took note of the important, untold themes that piled up over the last few days, I realized I would need to put this together quickly or there’d be too much to share…

Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY); Andrew Yang; Mitch McConnell; WTF?; Fiat $$; Moonies.

What is “Situation Report?”

We have several ongoing emergencies on our hands, and we’re collectively failing to “connect the dots” about what’s going on. For a lot of reasons, most current news reporting just doesn’t address history or provide any context for what’s happening. …

Adam Smith and Karl Marx

In studying cults and influence, I’ve learned about the concepts of “loaded language” and “thought-stopping clichés.” Terms like climate change, cancel culture, anti-vax, pro-life, liberal, and conservative are shortcuts: they signify a connection to a tribe and once they are invoked, we stop thinking with our reasoning brain and shift…

Dave Troy

Disinformation researcher, thinker, writer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and data visualization geek. Twitter: @davetroy Email: davetroy@gmail.com

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