The article I cited says this: “Marc Lipsitch told CBS News in an interview airing Monday that “40 to 70 percent” of the global population could become infected with coronavirus and that it’s “almost inevitable” that the virus will impact the “entire globe.” He added that 1 percent of those who develop symptoms could die.”

I also was referring to notes from a meeting last week with former US Surgeon General Boris Lushniak which suggested that perhaps 20% of the global population may be infected, with the caveat that global prevalence is “unpredictable.” While you are correct that children seem to be less vulnerable to complications and may be asymptomatic, I have not found documentation that suggests that they are less susceptible to contracting Covid-19 or transmitting it. If you have a science paper or article that makes that claim, I’d be interested to see it. However, I do think we just don’t know how this will play out yet. We should understand that a very widespread infection is possible, while doing what we can to limit it.

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