I’m sorry Jessica, that is utter nonsense. I have made a concerted effort to get basic information and have been fed lies and nonsense. I never said that this march wouldn’t happen, I said that Lawrence has a history of deception and failure. And I never said Lawrence was going to “steal” the money, I said that the fundraising was being done unprofessionally and not in compliance with state laws (which, in fact, it may still not be). Everything about this event has been incompetent, combative, unprofessional, and disorganized.

That all said, PLEASE make some effort to educate people about de-escalation techniques so that no one gets hurt. If you can share a copy of the permit, it would go a long way towards clearing up any confusion. I would be happy to share it. Best wishes for a successful event.

Disinformation researcher, thinker, writer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and data visualization geek. Twitter: @davetroy Email: davetroy@gmail.com

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