Putin backs Crypto; MTG wants Civil War; Snowden backs Crypto; Bannon pushes Catholic Schism; Moon goes to Tennessee; SecDef Austin warns against default.

I didn’t plan for this newsletter to be weekly. But it might end up that way. As I took note of the important, untold themes that piled up over the last few days, I realized I would need to put this together quickly or there’d be too much to share…

Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY); Andrew Yang; Mitch McConnell; WTF?; Fiat $$; Moonies.

What is “Situation Report?”

We have several ongoing emergencies on our hands, and we’re collectively failing to “connect the dots” about what’s going on. For a lot of reasons, most current news reporting just doesn’t address history or provide any context for what’s happening. …

Adam Smith and Karl Marx

In studying cults and influence, I’ve learned about the concepts of “loaded language” and “thought-stopping clichés.” Terms like climate change, cancel culture, anti-vax, pro-life, liberal, and conservative are shortcuts: they signify a connection to a tribe and once they are invoked, we stop thinking with our reasoning brain and shift…

This essay is now available in audio format:

A poster advertising Rey Rivera’s disappearance in 2006. (Wikipedia)

On the evening of May 16th, 2006, Rey Rivera received a phone call, left his north Baltimore house in a hurry, and was never heard from again. Several days later, his body was found after his co-workers observed a hole in…

Some characters from The “Big History” Behind January 6th.


For the last fourteen years, I’ve been studying disinformation campaigns and the data trails they leave behind on the Internet. And I’ve conducted countless one-on-one interviews with dozens of sources from government and military, and with journalists, researchers, and defectors from these networks.

January 6th was the culmination of decades…

This article is the coda to a six-part series. Listen to the audio version here.

These three books help tell the story of what’s actually happened. But is it too late to stop?

“Governments lie; bankers lie; even auditors sometimes lie. Gold tells the truth.” — William Rees-Mogg

In 1996, James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg published “The Sovereign Individual,” a manifesto that predicts the decline and fall…

This is Part 6 in a series. Listen to the audio version here.

Pandemic Panic

As early as February 2020, with the pandemic looming on the horizon as a huge potential liability for the Republicans, the Council for National Policy (CNP) identified three strategies that might help to avoid a loss—or at…

This is Part 5 in a series. Listen to the audio version here.

From the film “A Basis for Morality” by Robert LeFevre (Rampart College; YouTube)

Molestation and Libertarianism

Today when people talk about molestation, they are almost always talking about sexual molestation. This wasn’t always the case. …

This is Part 4 in a series. Listen to the audio version here.

Burt Lancaster as Gen. James Mattoon Scott in “Seven Days in May.” (Warner Bros., 1964)

Anti-communist hard-liners in the military and intelligence community have been in conflict with the idea of civilian oversight for decades. The novel “Seven Days In May,”released in September 1962, depicts this conflict in gripping detail. A film…

This is Part 3 in a series. Listen to the audio version here.

Tom Fitton appeared in 1994–1995 on “Youngbloods,” along with Heather Nauert and Norah O’Donnell.

Tom Fitton is an idea. In 1989, William S. Lind formalized the principles of what he called “Fourth Generation Warfare.” …

Dave Troy

Disinformation researcher, thinker, writer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and data visualization geek. Twitter: @davetroy Email: davetroy@gmail.com

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